This is what we miss in Plato at Soil Gallery

With Molly MacJulia FreemanNola AvienneKirk Lang, and Andy FallatCurated by Steven Miller.

Not just this obvious agency in making, but the possible agency also in seeing.The understanding of that which is not seen, and being aware of limits of seeing. And being caught up, as with the image of the horse: being fooled, seeing the typewriter and knowing we are being fooled, by being made aware of our part in the construction of the illusion, but most importantly, of the activity of ourselves. It is in the gap between the object and its representation that this energy emerges, the gap we fill in, in the shift from the monochromatic shadow to the color of the object, from its flatness to its depth and heft. Allowing us to neither be prisoners in the cave, unable to comprehend what we see, nor the all-seeing philosopher returning with his certainty. But allowing us to inhabit the terrain in between, the space between what we see on the wall and what we conjure behind our retinas. 

– William Kentridge