In Tone/Shape, visual artist Julia Freeman and musician Grant Olsen communicated through delicate materials and brilliant sounds, producing a one of a kind improvisation at On The Boards in the 2013 edition of 12 Minute Max.

"The evening opened smartly with a voyeuristic look inside the creative process with Julia Freeman and Grant Olsen’s Tone/Shape, a collaboration between Freeman’s visual projections and Olsen’s soundscape. Visual frames projected onto the wall accompanied atmospheric music. The kaleidoscopic collage of patterns, colors, and music forced observers to fabricate connections between seemingly disjointed elements to create individual story and meaning. Placed first, this work seemed an invitation to audience members in the small black box theater: See through our eyes. Remember that as you watch us, we watch back." 

By Charolette Hart of SeattleDances
Photos by Tim Summers
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